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What it does

Strictly a planning tool, this plugin gives you a shortcode that creates a list of all your Pages, making it easy to see at a glance what you still need to work on, and what’s already done.

Why it’s useful

When you’re building a site from scratch, or remodeling an existing site, it can be hard to wrap your head around all the pieces of content.

It’s also too easy to go on auto-pilot, adding pages “because we should have them,” rather than for a particular business or site goal.

Or the flip-side: having a vague idea of five or six actions you hope people will take—which dilutes the focus of the content and makes it less likely your visitor will pick anything.

This simple tool helps with the big picture (seeing the structure of the site content at a glance), the strategy (getting clear from the beginning about what your goals are for a page), and the execution (keeping track of what’s been done and what still needs doing).

It’s yours, free

I built this tool for working with my own clients, but I’m happy to share!

Download now

How to use it

  1. It’s a WordPress plugin, so install it in the usual way. You’ll also be prompted to install and activate the Front-end Editor plugin.
  2. Go to Settings -> Content Planner to set the options.
  3. Add the [content-planner] shortcode to a page or post of your choice.
  4. Visit that page to see the content list!
  5. You may want to password-protect this page if you will have it on a live site for very long… or be transparent and let the world see how well-organized you are!